About SolarMax Electrical

We are a Solar Panel and HVAC Installation company that has been serving the Los Angeles and surrounding areas since 2015.

We provide comprehensive and diverse options across all divisions to ensure individualized customer satisfaction.

We have a team of consultants, installers, and engineers who have been dedicated to providing a amazing experience from design to activation for over 7 years! Our team has 1500 projects engineered and installed since 2015.

Our mission is to reduce the cost of energy for our clients. We employ a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise.

Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, Solarmax is committed to helping our clients understand their unique energy challenges as well as delivering a highly customized array of services and products to address any energy objective.

Our specialized professionals with decades of combined experience are retained to serve best within their respective areas of expertise through our well-defined service lines: Solar Installation, HVAC, and Electrical